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Whisky Priest Released!

Here we go! After almost a year in the making, my first full length album Whisky Priest is out in the world!

Get it wherever music is sold online, click here.

I will share much more about the album in the coming weeks, but for now, here is the album bio:

"Forged in the Wisconsin wilderness, Whisky Priest is a tale of brutal introspection. Noble’s serene, seemingly innocent melodies are maligned by a haunting chorus of falsetto voices which seem to creep out of the walls. A sea of guitars and strings fills out the palette with cinematic precision, creating a compelling drama of darkness and light. In an effort to make sense of the complexity of good and evil in the world around him, he tries coming to terms with this conflict as it exists within himself. He wrestles with the desire to create a good world for those he loves while facing the fact that there is a nagging darkness in him that will never go away."

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