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ALBUM UPDATE #6: Mastering Finished

Hello all,

And just like that, the album has been mastered. I have the final disc of everything that I've poured my heart into these last 9 months. Listening through it was quite the emotional experience for me - I hope it is the same for you!

I got to sit in on the mastering session with Greg Reierson at Rare Form Mastering ( Greg has been mastering records for almost 30 years and definitely knows what he is doing. It was an incredible experience getting to watch him do his thing and it definitely gave me insight on how I can change my recording and mixing techniques earlier on in the recording process.

I will now spend the next week listening through the master just to make sure everything is exactly the way it needs to be (after one pass, it sounds pretty spectacular). After next week it will go to printing and after I have the physical copies in my hands, I will set a release date. My estimate for the release (along with the release show) is mid-March. Stay tuned!


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