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Artists You Should Know: Casey Dubie

I recently had the opportunity to play with an artist named Casey Dubie. If you haven't heard of her, I urge you to check out her music. She has a new EP out called Strangers and it is quite brilliant.

Vocally she reminds me of Leslie Jordan (All Sons & Daughters) and her overall vibe is somewhere between that and the Civil Wars mixed with an idealized vision of what I would want my acoustic writing to sound like. Here are my top 5 moments from Strangers:

1) The change of feel on the bridge of Motion Sick. I love the production as well as the phrasing of "stickin around..."

2) The overall harmonic structure on Ghost. It is less conventional, more mysterious, and it maybe has a little bit of Radiohead hidden in there. I might be projecting, but hey I like how it sounds.

3) The opening words to verse 1 of Ghost: "If you had asked me I would have said we were able to do long distance but not across the table".

4) Pretty much all of You Make Me Feel. The vocal rhythms and phrasing throughout, less of a singer-songwriter vibe. The melody on the chorus sounds incredible with the extra reverb as well.

5) Strangers is my favorite track on the album - this one was especially fun to play live. The delayed kick and snare elements on the chorus building into the bridge and outro - awesome. This song is quite epic.

I am excited to see where Casey takes this EP and I can't wait to see what she writes in the future. Do yourself a favor and check out Strangers. And hey, while you're at it, go follow her on all the social medias...

- Ben

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