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Do you write poetry or short stories? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear your work set to music?

One of my favorite ways to process inspiring work is to rework it into a song. I do this with books, movies, and even other songs or albums. I also love collaborating or co-writing with people. I love how two different minds can process the same events in similar and different ways.

Every once in awhile, a poetry friend will share with me a bit of what they have been working on. It always blows my mind. I write songs but I don't know nearly as much about poetry as real writers. I write words with the goal of finding something to go with the melodies I have in my head. I learn a lot when people write with words as the goal.

Poets, writers - here's where you come in: email me a poem or short story that you've written. It can be about anything and it can be any length. I will choose a poem next Sunday, December 6th. If I choose yours, I'll keep you in the loop on the writing process, send you demos, and ultimately, call you a co-writer on the song (afterall, it is your material). I probably will not keep the text exactly the same word-for-word but I will play around with the ideas and see what happens.

I am so excited to see what you have been writing! Let me know if you have any questions and seriously, send me your stuff. There is a good chance that I'll end up wanting to choose multiple poems so if that's the case, I'll have plenty to write about!

- Ben

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