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Hello all. Welcome to my site. is a home base for my creative work. I have a number of projects in the works, of varying musical taste. There are two main avenues through which I write music:

1) Solo acoustic. About half of my writing would fare much better in a coffeeshop than a bar. I was raised on solo acoustic music so I will always be writing songs in this vein.

2) Experimental-post-rock-ish band - yet to be named. The other half of my writing is louder and more dynamic. I've listened to too much Radiohead to sing soft, happy acoustic songs all the time; we'll call it "Existential Rock". For now, we are hitting the rehearsal room, but stay tuned for more updates and shows.

Ultimately, I feel the two projects are too different for me to call them the same, though they do both flow from my scattered brain, so there is a common thread.

Stay up to date with what I am up to by following me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I will be updating this blog frequently as well. There is a lot of music on its way.

Thank you for visiting!

- Ben

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