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“Ben Noble’s music is a sonic sanctuary. On his debut release, Whisky Priest, the Minneapolis-based self-taught musician pairs his folksy falsetto with ethereal strings. Noble invites listeners to lose themselves in an otherworldly reverie reminiscent of S. Carey and We Are the Willows.” 

“Obvious comparisons to Bon Iver wouldn’t be too off, especially with his looped falsetto and harmonies. But Noble’s ultra-tender voice and haunting writing style better recalls Damien Rice”

“Lyrics though crucial are lost when not put to the right mood and Noble absolutely blends them to a T. You can write your own narrative to each song or soak in the words, either way the journey is nostalgic and peaceful.”

“Noble’s song-writing is very personal but it’s a case of when personal detail can make something so universal. Many of the tunes are inherently sad. Good listening for a cold winter afternoon.”

“He absolutely pulled off communicating this exceptional niche album with authenticity.”

“Noble’s intimate sound and lullaby-like melodies set him apart in the Twin Cities music scene.”

“There is an art to building a song, to pulling the listener along with you and keeping things interesting. It’s an art that Ben Noble excels in”

“he gets compared to Damien Rice and Bon Iver quite a bit…it’s not like Ben Noble SOUNDS like these artists – he truly belongs standing shoulder to shoulder with them on the exact same stages they play, completely as one of their peers”

“Ben Noble gives us a lyricism that leaves us dreamers and disconnects us from our pressing reality.”

“Layer upon layer of sound works wonders in creating a colorful, kaleidoscopic wave that washes over the listener”

“We need artists like this in the world, so buy his music, buy tickets to his shows and make sure that we get to hear more from Ben Noble in the future.”

“so deeply personal that even if you don’t quite understand what’s going on, it gets to you”

“If music can melt hearts, this song has the power and intensity to make a dead man breathe.”

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