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 Ben Noble 
Bitter Work

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Ben Noble is set to release his 3rd album 'Bitter Work' on

May 26, 2023. Bitter Work is a journey through the constructs 

of his religious roots and the ways that he has tried to learn outside the confines of dualism - right and wrong aren't

as certain as we are taught.

Ben Noble is a Minneapolis-based artist and producer. His serene, innocent melodies drift lithely along sonic textures that range from sleepy-time folk to intrusive, experimental synth scapes. Through any aural difference, the heart is the same: Noble wants to embody his truth and experiences in his music.


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Album artwork by Ben Noble and Laure Vail


Produced by Ben Noble

All songs written by Ben Noble (4 with Henry Donato, 6 with Chris Bartels)

Mixed by Ben Noble

Mastered by Darren Vermaas


Reese Kling: Drums (2, 3, 4, 8)

JT Bates: Drums (7, 10)

Ben Noble: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synths, Drum Programming

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