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ALBUM UPDATE #2: I spoke too soon...

I spoke too soon. I thought that I was very close to the end of this album, but I was way off.

I finished up a piano session last Tuesday and breathed a huge sigh of relief thinking that all the tracking was done. Since my last update I tracked all the strings and piano, which I thought was all I had left. I was overjoyed.

The same day I gave my wife a cd with the most recent bounces of the six songs on it and asked her to listen to it a few times as she was driving around town. I wanted her criticism but I prefaced it by saying that there was only so much I could change at this point, as a lot of the final decisions have been made. I asked for her thoughts (she knows how to tell it like it is), and she surprised me. She said that it was too short. She suggested that I add 4-6 more songs. (She did say she liked it so far though!)

My initial thought was WHYYYYYYYY???? AHHHHH. It's like getting to the end of a marathon and then being told to run all the way back.

It only took about five minutes of denial for me to realize that this was a great idea. There are themes that I need to spend more time unpacking in order for this album to say what I want it to say. I think there is more to this album and I don't want it to get lost in the world of EPs.

The inspiration immediately started flowing and I stayed up for the next few hours writing. Looking at my current "catalog" of unrecorded songs, I decided I needed all fresh material.

I'm happy to say that writing has already been very productive. I have sketches of four new songs that I am feeling good about. The plan now is to spend another few weeks ironing these out and adding one or two more, then get back to recording. I anticipate the recording process going quicker than the first batch of songs. The goal for this album from the beginning was to experiment, make a ton of mistakes, find my limits, and streamline my production process. I have learned a lot thus far and I can't wait to record again.

A new release date estimate would be November or December. I will likely release a couple singles between now and then. More so, I love to give people a sneak peek at what is going on, so if you want to hear a track or two, message me and I'll happily send you one.

Full length album, here we come!

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