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I haven't posted in awhile and have been quiet in terms of playing shows. I've been very, very busy.

At the end of April I borrowed a bunch of recording gear and drove to my friend's beautiful cabin in Wisconsin. I arrived with sketches and ideas for 5 songs and left with main guitar and vocal tracks for a 6 song album as well as plenty of woods noises.

Since returning, I've been adding and subtracting, writing string parts, recording obnoxious slide tracks, and sneaking all sorts of easter eggs into each song. I've been micro-editing guitar and vocal tracks to the point that my brain is going to explode. More than anything, I've been learning what it takes to chop away at ideas until they turn into a product that I am proud to release.

I would say the album is 75% done at this point. What's left now is more micro-editing, recording the strings, and then getting it mixed and mastered.

I can't wait to see the finished product but ultimately, the journey this album has brought me on has been completely worth the effort in itself. I can't wait to do this for the rest of my life.

Release date: who even knows. Let's say Fall 2016...If you get bored between now and then, read the book The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene. It is the centerpiece of this album - there is no way these songs would exist without it.

Thanks for reading,


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