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 Ben Noble | Gamora

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Gamora is FCC CLEAN


GamoraBen Noble
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For a good number of us, religion was fed to us from birth - ideas about a higher power in the sky making big decisions about who is good and evil. Noble grew up as the son of a pastor, heavily-steeped in the teachings of Christianity. Taught from an early age that some people will go to Heaven and some will go to Hell and told that there was "good news" involved, Noble couldn't quite piece together the logic of it. Moving forward to the radicalization of American politics and the rise of Christian Nationalism,  Noble truly couldn't make sense of it all - how could a higher power be loving and damning in the same breath? And isn't it convenient that the teachings of this higher power just so happen to benefit powerful white men in leadership positions? 

'Gamora' is the lead single from Noble's upcoming 3rd album 'Bitter Work'. The album itself is a reckoning of Noble's upbringing, taking a harsh look on the Christian machine that has burrowed its way into all sorts of positions of power in our society. 'Gamora' focuses on the character Gamora from the Marvel franchise: the adopted daughter of the tyrant Thanos, she is taught from an early age that being the decider of who lives and dies is an honorable and necessary task in preventing overpopulation. Thanos is the epitome of flawed logic, seeing oneself as protagonist while in reality being pure evil, not "good news". Eventually, Gamora turns on Thanos, seeing him for the evil that he is. 

Accompanying the single release is a video, shot and edited by Noble himself. There will be a single release show at 7th St Entry in Minneapolis on Feb 9th, 2023. 



I watched you descend from a cloud

Sudden gleam, sudden break for it

I know the rumors, the sirening sound

I'm uneasy, you're seeking me out


You call it love


You slaughter, your face like a sheet

They say you're benevolent

You put some in palaces, some on their knees

You told me

Perfect balance, as it all should be

But I’m


You call it love

Older now

You call it love

Broken down

Older now


Coded in, wearing thin, wearing out

30 years, try to break from it

In an instant an infinite lockdown

You're a monster, you're freaking me out


If my destiny comes with the stones

I want nothing to do with it


Don’t call it love





Ben Noble is a Minneapolis-based artist and producer. He released his debut album Whisky Priest in the Spring of 2017, followed by his sophomore album Where The Light Comes In in the spring of 2020. Fully self-produced and recorded in a cabin, Whisky Priest is a journey of exacting introspection. Noble loves the contrast of serene, innocent melodies with a haunting chorus of falsetto voices, along with sea of guitars and strings. Noble’s follow-up album Where The Light Comes In is a major expansion of the sonic palette, introducing drums, synthesizers, electric guitars, and much more to Noble's signature melodies and textures. The sound of Noble’s forthcoming third album, due out in early summer, is being hinted at with the release of its lead single Gamora along with a music video.

"Ben Noble's music is a sonic sanctuary" - CITY PAGES

"Instant chills" - SLEEPING BAG STUDIOS




Press: Krista Vilinskis at Elephants and Flowers Media:

Booking: Ben Noble at


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