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 Ben Noble 
Bitter Work

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Album artwork: photo by Laura Nickel, artwork by Ben Noble

Press photos by Laura Nickel

              - - -

Produced by Ben Noble

All songs written by Ben Noble (4 with Henry Donato, 6 with Chris Bartels)

Mixed by Ben Noble

Mastering TBD

              - - -

Reese Kling: Drums (2, 3, 4, 8)

JT Bates: Drums (7, 10)

Ben Noble: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synths, Drum Programming



"Where The Light Comes In" is Minneapolis-based Ben Noble's much-anticipated second LP. While his debut album "Whisky Priest" was a delicate, dreamy acoustic folk album, Noble's sophomore effort is a major expansion of the sonic palette, introducing drums, synthesizers, electric guitars, and much more to Noble's signature ethereal vocal melodies and textures.


WTLCI is as much a sonic experiment as it is a heart-rending search for answers to questions of grief and the cyclical nature of trauma. Inspired by Noble's effort to work out his inner-demons through seeing a professional counselor, the title comes from the poet Rumi's famous line: "the wound is where the light enters you". Without seeking out inner-healing, we are all the sum of what we've been given by previous generations, a collection of grief and trauma that we will undoubtedly pass on if not careful. 


Much of the meaning behind Noble's lyrics is buried deep beneath layers of imagery. As such, the listener is able to weave the words into the fabric of their own narratives, finding their own meaning. Events in Noble's life are loosely processed throughout, including the birth of his son (Lionheart), a miscarriage (Beneath Your Wings), and struggles with anxiety (Night Wakes). The album culminates with the lyric, "don't wait, the light will come through / you don't have to wait until it takes you" (My Beautiful Blinding Light). Noble's hope is that we will all take ownership of our trauma and work it out to make the world better. 


Over the course of 12 songs, there is much diversity in the sound, from the electro-pop Night Wakes and Bluebird, to the airy, ethereal Wolf Eyes and Weeping Willow, to the truly ambitious and atypical Child of Earth and Earthshake. Although there is dynamic variation, the thread of electronic-influenced indie-folk runs through the album making it feel like a cohesive whole, and certainly not an album to be overlooked.




Ben Noble is a Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter who released his debut album Whisky Priest in the Spring of 2017. Fully self-produced and recorded in a cabin, Whisky Priest is a journey of exacting introspection. Noble loves the contrast of serene, innocent melodies with a haunting chorus of falsetto voices. Live, he blends delicate melodies with electronic elements for a truly unique sonic experience.

"Ben Noble's music is a sonic sanctuary" - CITY PAGES

"Instant chills" - SLEEPING BAG STUDIOS


Press: Krista Vilinskis at Tinderbox Music:

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